Wivadon International

Your trusted partner for commercial relationship

When you success, we success.

A good business relationship requires trust and understanding.
Success stories are a result of prosperious relationship between seller and buyer.

When you want to create business and If you do not rely only on good faith and luck, Wivadon will assist you in finding and creating success stories between companies. Targetting to find and build up international relations by match making and assisting in commercial challanges.

Widadon consults have together more than 100 years of experience in various industries in management level. This results lots of contacts and networks and is in your favour and will be at your service.

A good relationship needs team work. Our commitment is to link the demand and supply. We in Wivadon have a good overwiev of Finnish demand and supply, when you believe on your offering and desire to enter to Finnish markets, we will be here for you.

Geographicly we are located in various, important cities in Finland; Southern part location is Tampere, including capital Helsinki. In Central (plus Eastern) part of Finland our location is in Jyväskylä. In Western (plus Northern) part our location is in Vaasa.

Whenever you are ready to speed up your business, and you need more hands. help us to make it.

Silly guestions do not exsist – only missed opportunities.
Do not hesitate to ask for more!

Wivadon International • Pertti Vilenius • +358 40 085 6613 • info@wivadon.com


One of success stories.